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5250 Highbanks Road STE 300 Springfield, OR 97478 Phone: 458 210 2907

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Fridays 4-7pm

Saturdays 2-6 pm

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The Vodka

Our spring water has taken years to filter through the volcanic sediment of the Willamette Lowland Aquifer System. To match that level of filtration Swallowtail Vodka has been filtered through activated carbon sixty times to polish the spirit. It is an exceptionally clean, smooth, balanced vodka perfect for sipping or mixing.

The Sources

With the abundance of Oregon grains, fruits, wines and white oak Swallowtail will be able to make Whiskies, flavored vodkas and a multitude of other spirits unique to our geographic regions.

The Water

We use local spring water rather than city water for blending our products. This high mineral content, without the chlorine or other chemicals typically used to treat municipal water, gives our products some of their unique attributes.

How can this Vodka get any better?!

— Rhonda

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