Our Story

"Craft" is precisely what inspired the birth of Swallowtail Spirits. When Kevin Barrett moved to Oregon after 25 years in Southern California he was not, by any means, a fan of beer. Unimpressed with the flavorless ales plastering the billboards across the Southern California region Kevin had no desire to ever drink a beer,  but after a few years of constant peer-pressure and close proximity to the many craft breweries in Eugene Oregon, Kevin was offered a beer made by Ninkasi Brewing that changed his thought of craft beverages altogether.  He found a hobby in home brewing and while most attempts at making good beer failed, the few successes quenched his thirst and appetite. However, there was an uneasy feeling within him due to the waste of effort, time and money that drew him to find a way to salvage those failed brew's by distilling them into whiskey. 
And Swallowtail Spirits was born.