The Swallowtail Whiskey Barrel Club

Get Your Own Barrel Of Whiskey

This program is designed for the Whiskey enthusiast. Members of our club have the option to purchase the contents of an entire barrel or a portion of a barrel. As a member you have the opportunity to experience the whiskey as it transforms over time.

The style of whiskey being offer ed is an Irish Whiskey based on Ninkasi's “Oatis Stout”. The flavor profile of the whiskey is derived from the grains of the beer. Pale malt, chocolate malt, roasted barley and flaked oatmeal are the grains used in making the beer.


The Barrels

Our barrels are made from white oak trees grown here in the US. Our current supply of barrels is from trees that were harvested in the Midwest. Oregon white oak is a desirable wood to age whiskey and can be ordered upon request.

We use a heavy char on all our barrels so that we can extract the maximum amount of vanillin and caramel flavors oak has to offer.

Swallowtail's Aging Process

We recommend that buyers sample their whiskey in 6-month intervals. Members will then experience the maturing process of the whiskey as it ages. Tastings also help to determine when to begin to withdraw liquor from the barrel. We recommend withdrawing from the barrel in increments so that as you enjoy drinking your whiskey at home the remaining portion continues to age and improve over time.

• A five gallon barrel produces approximately twenty five 750 ml bottles at 80 proof.
• A ten-gallon barrel produces approximately fifty 750 ml bottles at 80 proof.
• A fifteen gallon barrel produces approximately seventy five 750 ml bottles at 80 proof.
• A thirty-gallon barrel produces approximately one hundred fifty 750 ml bottles at 80 proof.
• A fifty-three gallon barrel produces approximately two hundred sixty five 750 ml bottles at 80 proof.

Ordering Your Barrel

Barrel orders can only be done at the distillery. Before an order is placed, each member is briefed on state and federal regulatory laws and how they apply to the sale and distribution of spirits.

At the time of the order, a deposit is required before a barrel can be allocated. The amount is 75% of the original cost of the barrel of whiskey. The balance of the cost is paid at the time the first distribution is completed.


Five gallon $750
Ten gallon $1,500
Fifteen gallon $2,000
Thirty gallon $3,900
Fifty three gallon $6,500

Five gallon $1000
Ten gallon $2000
Fifteen gallon $2,800
Thirty gallon $5,500
Fifty three gallon $10,000